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We value our downtown businesses and want to see them thrive. Below is a list of resources available to take your business to the next level.

From grants to outdoor event spaces, find what you need below.

The Hinesville Downtown Development Authority's


Revolving Loan Fund

Provides flexible and expedient gap funding ($20K-50K) to new or expanding small businesses to purchase land or buildings within the HDDA boundaries and make them move-in ready. Preference will be given to projects that provide permanent employment and/or prevent or eliminate slums or blight, maximize vacant downtown spaces, and/or interject cultural experiences in downtown. The HDDA functions as the Economic Restructuring Committee of the Hinesville Downtown/Main Street Program.

Funds may be used for start-up capital costs including:

  • Real estate acquisition, development, redevelopment and new construction

  • Rehabilitation of public and private infrastructure and facilities

  • Eligible capital expenditures (equipment)


The Hinesville Downtown Development Authority sponsors a local matching grant program for façade improvements of commercial buildings within the Hinesville Downtown Redevelopment District.  The façade grant reimburses 50% of preapproved project costs, not to exceed $3,500 award amount.

The purpose of the incentive Grant Program is to restore, improve or create historic architectural features to facades of commercial buildings anywhere within the Hinesville Downtown Development Boundary Area.



For the last 47 years, the Chamber has existed to ensure that the businesses that make our county so special have the resources and support they need.

We are a Georgia Certified Chamber of Commerce, and we are committed to the local and small businesses that make our county thrive. From the passionate folks behind the counter, to the ones keeping it all on track, we are here to help you!

By investing in Chamber membership, you not only receive unparalleled benefits, but you become a part of the larger Liberty County family. And just like family, we’re all here to help you!

Liberty County Chamber of Commerce logo


The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce provides flyer design services to companies and organizations for a fee of $20. We ask that you provide us with a minimum of two weeks from the time you turn the form in to complete your design. 

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